Russian for beginners Russian for beginners

Russian for beginners by P.S.Russian for Russian learners. You may ask, 'How P.SRussian can help us in this difficult process of learning Russian language?'

         Our reply would be, 'All we are created, is about you, to make your learning enjoyable'.

We also work on your learning visualization, this tool is as good as nothing else will help you to memorize better and for longer time. For example listening songs you will build word association with this clip, which helps you to remember this word  (Good morning in Russian)

Generally, this project is for those, who have just started their path to explore Russian language and are already lost in huge amount of countless rules and exceptions of them. It's not a secret, that Russian language has very complicated grammar, which is pretty different from English grammar. 

We will try to make your way brighter and simplify everything, that sounds complicated.

Here you will find lessons for beginners, which are linked together and also structured the way you could start speaking as fast as possible and build your own sentences with clear understanding what you are doing and why. Even though your sentences going to be too simple first, our main target to learn you to do it by yourself. 

On our literature page your will find poems and stories of the most famous Russian writers.

We genuinely hope, that it helps you to write your own poems, which you can publish on our blog page. Be creative, we believe that writing is the key of learning and memorizing foreign language.

We are waiting for you to share your first work in Russian.

Also here you can: share your experiences; practice your speaking skills using our Video Chat Room for those who are looking for a language exchange partner; listen to the radio;  translate Russian songs, using Russian vocabulary, test your knowledge and maybe plan your visit to Russia.


Russian lessons for beginners

Russian for beginners

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Russian language for Russian learners

Russian for beginners

Russian for beginners

Russian for beginners

Russian for beginners

Russian for beginners