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Russian for beginners – Learn Russian online

The Russian for beginners by P.S.Russian for Russian learners. You may ask, 'How P.S.Russian can help us in this difficult process of learning Russian language?'
Our reply would be, 'All we are created, is about you, to make your learning enjoyable'.

Is it difficult to learn Russian? 

We know how difficult for beginners to learn new words, to pronounce Russian sounds, to make sentences, to understand grammar rules, to translate texts. Everything seems impossible for beginners. Nevertheless, using our techniques you can learn Russian online by yourself.

Learning styles.

Visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners can use the Russian for beginners as a tool to learn Russian language. We try to make this website effective for all the learning styles, including different strategies.

For example, we work on your learning visualization . This tool is as good as nothing else will help you to memorize better and for longer time. Listening songs you will build a word association with this clip (with a picture, characters, music  and lyrics), which helps you to remember this word in Russian. (Brother in Russian)

Learn Russian through words and sentences.

Often, reading the grammar rules our students are struggling to apply their knowledge in a different situation or using different words. Knowing this fact we come to a decision to expand our dictionary. Instead of just basic information you will find there many examples. In detail, if we are talking about verbs, you will be introduced to the conjugation of the particular verb, sentences with this verb and many audio files. Looking at this sentences you can easily figure out what form of the particular verb you should use in which case. Eventually it gives you confidence to use the same strategy for new words. 

Do you I need prior knowledge to learn Russian using this website?

Generally, this project is for those, who have just started their path to explore Russian language and are already lost in a huge amount of countless rules and exceptions of them.

It's not a secret, that Russian language has very complicated grammar, which is pretty different from the English grammar. You will be forced to learn the Russian grammatical cases. You will find out the difference between perfective and imperfective aspects. You will conjugate Russian words. At the same time you will enjoy all of this, because here you will find many sentences and audio files to make your learning easier.

 Learn Russian online - Russian lessons for beginners

We will try to make your way brighter and simplify everything, that sounds complicated.
Here you will find lessons for beginners. They are linked together and also structured the way, you could start to speak Russian as fast as possible. Additionally, you will be able to build your own sentences with a clear understanding what you are doing and why. Even though your sentences going to be too simple first, our main target is to learn you to do it by yourself.

You will be surprised, but you also can learn Russian through Russian literature. On our literature page you will find poems and stories of the most famous Russian writers.

You may think that it is too early for beginners to introduce foreign poems. However, you can use them to learn how to read Russian and how to pronounce the Russian sounds.

When will I see result of my learning?

You need to be patient, it will take some time before you will see the progress in your learning process. Try to schedule your lessons in advance. Believe in yourself, we genuinely hope, that our Literature pages will help you to write your own poems, which you can publish on our blog page. Practise a lot. We believe that writing is the key of learning and memorizing foreign languages.

We are waiting for you to share your first work in Russian.

Russian for beginners


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Using our website you will get an opportunity to integrate your knowledge into the real life. All our learners will be able: to share experience; to practice speaking skills; to use the  Chat Room and find a partner to exchange languages; to listen to the radio; to translate Russian songs  using Russian vocabulary;to test their knowledge and maybe plan their visit to Russia.

Interactive Russian for beginners

We know how popular became interactive learning nowadays. Without doubt we decided to include such kind of exercises in our project. Recently we have been created the first course to support everyone, who is learning the Russian alphabet. Using this tool you can test your knowledge, revise or practise pronunciation. The exercises are designed to help you to memorize Russian alphabet. Such type of exercises are just essential for kinaesthetic learners.

In order to see all the features of the Interactive Russian we would advise you to sign up as a student, instead of using a guest access. Don't hesitate - this course is completely free of charge. If you prefer to use a mobile app for your learning  you can find it here. Download it on your mobile and then type the name of the website - www.lessons.psrussian.com.

As I said earlier, we have just started this project and we are planning to include more courses. We don't want to disappoint our learners. 

Everyone is welcome

Even though we have created this project for beginners everyone can find here some useful information. For instance -  learners, who don't consider themselves as beginners, can include comprehensive reading pages in their learning process and develop their understanding skills.  As has been noted, we would love to see everyone in our community.

Russian for beginners

Russian for beginners

Russian for beginners

Russian for beginners

Russian for beginners

Russian for beginners