Third lesson

Russian for beginners

First lesson
Third Lesson for beginners

Third lesson

First lessonRussian lessons for beginners: In our third lesson we are going to learn some Russian verbs, also we will learn conjugation of Russian verbs.

Third lesson

Russian verbs – first conjugation, second conjugation

This lesson gives you an idea of Russian conjugation. We will start with simple sentences, using verbs with Russian pronouns, for example - I know. From the table below you can see which form of the particular verb you need to use. Please learn these verbs and all their forms. Try to build simple sentences using verbs: to know, to be, to wait. To find out more about Russian conjugation you can watch this clip about Russian verbs.Third lesson

Vocabulary for third lesson – what

In this lesson we also going to learn Russian word - what (что). So, using verb to know we can build a question, simply putting what in front of you question - Что ты знаешь? (What do you know?)Third lesson


Also in this lesson you will learn how to pronounce Russian verbs: wait, be and know. You will never find precise pronunciation of Russian letters in English, but our examples will give you an idea of these verbs pronunciation.Third lesson

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